Serial killer re-sentencing: Jury questionnaire features questions about death penalty, race

Jury selection starts in serial killer case

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The serial killer who murdered, raped, and burned women -- two of them teens -- is back in a Hamilton County jail cell.

Earlier Thursday, Anthony Kirkland was in a courtroom as jury selection began in his re-sentencing case.

Kirkland got a death sentence for the killings of the teens in 2010. But in 2016 the Ohio Supreme Court threw out the sentence, arguing some of the language Prosecutor Joe Deters used in his closing arguments prejudiced the jury.

Judge Patrick Dinkelacker is overseeing the case and ruled on some motions.

The defense asked that the prosecution not be allowed to ask police officers for their opinions about Kirkland's emotional responses during a nine-hour taped confession as they are not psychologists and their statements would mislead the jury. The judge denied that request.

The defense also asked to have portions of that taped confession redacted. The judge denied that request too.

Then while Kirkland sat in court, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department argued that Kirkland should wear a stun belt -- a device that would stun him if he acted out. The judge ordered Kirkland to wear the belt.

The questionnaire for potential jurors can be found below.

Some example questions read as such:

  • "Please describe your thoughts on the death penalty."
  • "When you were growing up, what was the racial and ethnic make-up of your neighborhood?"

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