Mom to teen charged with groping 3 young girls: "What is wrong with you?"

"You grabbed her by the private parts. What is wrong with you?" shouts mom at teen accused of groping 3 young girls

WHITEWATER TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A 17-year-old is facing several charges after police say he groped three young girls at a Cleves Kroger.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says the teen approached a 12-year-old, 11-year-old, and 10-year-old around 10:15 p.m. Sunday and grabbed their buttocks'.

He faced a judge on Tuesday morning and has multiple charges pending, which include: attempted abduction, three counts of gross sexual imposition with a victim under age 13 years, and a possession of marijuana.

The youngest victim, Lily Eng Singleton, 10, had left her mom's side to get some glue when the teen approached and grabbed her, her mother Jamie Singleton says.

"I was very scared. It was terrifying." said Lily.

Lily wrote about the ordeal in her diary and says once the man started grabbing her, she ran to her mother but when she reached her, she couldn't talk.

"She was just, kept saying some -- guy -- just -- tried -- you know, she couldn't even catch her breath." Singleton says.

Singleton called 911 when Lily told her what happened.

"This guy just tried to take my daughter!" she breathlessly told a dispatcher, according to a recording of the call released early Monday.

"Your daughter?"

"Yeah, my 10 year old year old daughter," she responded.

Singleton says the dispatcher asked how Lily was doing and she told them she was fine but she was crying.

"[She's] Freaking out. There's people over there grabbing her." Singleton said.

Singleton said the teen ran across the street into the woods by the railroad tracks, but then came back.

More than a dozen good Samaritans chased the suspect and tackled him, Singleton said.

"I went straight to him and the first thing I did, I hit him in his face. I didn't say anything to him at that point. I just started hitting him." Singleton said.

He denied her accusations, and a shouting match ensued.

"You grabbed my kid. You grabbed her by the private parts. What is wrong with you?" Singleton said.

Lily said she was only worried about her mother, herself, and the people who tried to help them.

"Is everyone going to be okay? Am I going to be okay especially. And my mom. And everyone that tried to save us I was going to say 'thank you' to them all but I didn't get the chance because she drove me home too quick." Lily said.

The teen was ordered to be detained at the Youth Center.

His next scheduled court appearance is on Aug. 2.

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