WATCH: KY mayor challenges teen to Fortnite dance-off

KY mayor challenges teen to Fortnite dance-off

WALTON, KY (FOX19) - Walton, Kentucky, mayor Gabe Brown thought he could bust a move better than teenager Tryp Ryder.

So he challenged the teen to a Fortnite dance-off.

How did we get here, you ask?

Ryder originally showed off his signature move on a Monday Facebook post in front of a Tire Discounters sign that read "Fortnite dance lessons needed."

After the video picked up traction, Mayor Brown responded with his own Facebook video on Thursday. He told followers he had a bucket of popcorn ready.

"Tryp Ryder, it's on," the mayor issued his challenge.

The dance-off video shows Brown and Ryder performing a few different moves showcased in the popular Fortnite video game.

Who won? You be the judge.

Note: Video provided by Walton Mayor Gabe Brown.

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