Township cracking down on illegal lawn parking $130 at a time

Cracking down on illegal lawn parking

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - It could cost you $130 for parking your car on someone's lawn -- even your own -- in Colerain Township.

The ordinance was passed a few years ago, but after an increase in lawn parking complaints the police department posted a warning about enforcing it on social media.

FOX19 caught up with a man who was parked in his own grass.

"I just found out about this today, but I can't afford to just be giving it $130 for free," he said.

That resident asked to remain anonymous and immediately moved his car after the interview.

Colerain Township's website lists lawn parking under Zoning Violations. To see the entire Zoning Violation list, click here.

Residents like Renee Butler and her husband, Perry Mattan, believe the ordinance oversteps.

"It's our grass, it's our house, we should be able to maintain it and do what we want to our own property," said Butler.

Other residents like Tony Thompson disagree. He's glad police are enforcing the rule.

"I support the police. I back the blue. I don't think you should just be able to park in the grass," said Thompson.

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