Three Norwood women the target of theft, vandalism

Theft and vandalism in Norwood

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Several Norwood residents say they have recently been the targets of theft and vandalism.

Kathy Baker, who lives on Courtland Avenue, was in tears after she says someone dug up a 4 foot guardian angel statue in her yard and smashed it. She said the guardian angel was in honor of her late mother.

"I should have protected her better, for my mom and her memory. I feel like I failed her," said Baker.

Baker lives in the house her mother bought decades ago. She says the situation has her scared to leave the home at night.

"My daughter's car side mirror was also kicked off. If you want anything valuable, don't leave it in your or your yard, obviously," said Baker.

Baker's situation is similar to another woman who lives on Carthage Avenue. That resident asked FOX19 to keep her identity anonymous. She says someone stole a butterfly light that changes color from her front yard.

"It was in honor of my mother. She would have been impressed how good the garden is doing this year and she was a big flower fanatic," she said.

A third woman who lives on Rolston Avenue says two prescription glasses and several phone charges were stolen from her vehicle that was parked in front of her home.

"It's just, like, frustrating -- I mean it's kind of confusing why they would take prescription glasses that people need. Mine alone cost around $250, easy," she said.

Despite what happened, all three women aren't angry with whoever is behind these crimes.

"Norwood is an awesome city -- we just have to take care of each other," said Baker.

If you have any information about any of these cases, call the Norwood Police Department.

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