Forest Park man discovers pet cat dead, mutilated in own backyard

Family pet found dead, mutilated in yard

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) - A disturbing discovery sent chills down the spine of a local pet owner and is leaving animal rescuers and advocates outraged.

Forest Park police are investigating the gruesome killing of a family cat. The owner of the cat, Scott Cousteau, said he has only been living in Forest Park for four months, but already had to file a police report because it appears someone maliciously murdered his pet.

Cousteau said his now deceased black cat named Sake was his feline friend for seven years.

"She was family," said Cousteau.

According to Cousteau, his distraught roommate called him while he was at work on Tuesday to tell him that something was wrong with his pet.

"It was shocking. I'm still kind of in shock," said Cousteau.

Cousteau left work to rush home and said that what he found rocked him to his core: one of their three indoor-outdoor cats, sweet Sake, was dead. He said she was split into two pieces in their backyard, not far from the fence.

"No blood, no guts, just two halves of cat," said Cousteau. "The collar for my cat was laying right in between 'em."

With no visible injuries on his cat, other than what he described as a clean cut through her body, Cousteau believes an animal attack is unlikely. He took graphic photos of his deceased pet for evidence.

"I can't even imagine what would bring someone to do anything like this," said Cousteau.

Cousteau's friend, who asked not to be identified due to the nature of the incident, heard the news and contacted animal rescuers. She urged them to use their voices to warn the community to watch out. Some of them posted about the killing on social media to spread the word.
"No telling what (the offender) would do, to even maybe a human," said Cousteau's friend.

Exactly what happened to his precious pet is something Cousteau admits he may never know, but he has sincere suspicions, few involving another animal.

"There's people out there doing satanic stuff, initiations, cutting animals in half, draining their blood, returning them to the owner," said Cousteau. "I can't confirm that, but that's what I've read."

If nothing else, Cousteau hopes this serves as a wake-up call. For him and his roommate, it's a harsh lesson learned. Their other two cats now permanently stay inside. He, along with animal rescuers, are advising fellow pet owners to keep a watchful eye out, keep their animals inside as much as possible, and they also suggest getting a camera.

"I want it to stop so that no other pets, no other owners, have to go through this," said Cousteau.

Cousteau reported the incident to Forest Park police and said they told him they are upping patrols in the area. If you know something or saw something related to Sake's death, Cousteau is asking you to report it to police at 513-595-5220.

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