Toxic neighbor feud led to 100 calls to police over 4 years

Neighbors not getting along

CHEVIOT, OH (FOX 19) - A toxic feud between two Cheviot families has turned into a 'he said, she said' situation with claims of racism.

Vita Harris says she's called Cheviot police on her neighbors more than 100 times in the past four years.

Harris says her neighbors call her family the "n-word" but her neighbors say that's not true.

"By them calling us the "n-word" and calling the grandkids, these are babies, they go near the fence or the yard to play 'get them little n-things'." Harris said.

Harris says she's live on North Bend road for seven years and loves her house but has called the police on her neighbors 111 times int he past four years.

She says they've threatened her with a gun, used racial slurs, thrown bananas in her yard, flashed her kids, and accused them of voyeurism.

Harris' next door neighbor says she's lying.

"We're not. Never been called a racist in 49 years til they moved in" Rob said.

Police say Rob has called them 31 times in the past four years complaining about Harris.

Harris says she feels like she's being recorded all the time because of the cameras outside Rob's home. He says he put them up and got his CCW license out of fear because he says Harris threatened to shoot him.

"We're afraid. I mow the grass with mine on my hip." Rob said.

She said she's scared too and filed a temporary restraining order on Rob.

"I'm scared they're going to hurt us. I don't want my son to be out here cutting grass and catch a bullet." Harris said.

He also filed a temporary restraining order against her.

A police report shows that Harris went to jail for violating the order last week. The report says she was in Rob's driveway threatening to fight his wife.

The Cheviot police department says they're away of the toxic situation.

Both families say they want this to end even though they can't seem to agree on anything else.

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