Woman warns of wallet thefts, says hers was snatched at area Walmart

Warning to watch your wallets

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A woman who said that crooks stole her wallet in seconds is warning the community to be aware.

Katie Ehrnschwender said the theft happened Sunday while she was at Walmart on Colerain Avenue searching for school supplies. She was shopping as part of Ohio's tax-free weekend.
One minute, she said her wallet was in her purse, and the next, it was gone.

"I literally turned, looked, and grabbed something off the shelf," said Ehrnschwender.

Ten minutes later, she said someone attempted to use her stolen credit cards to cash in on more than $800 worth of merchandise at Kroger down the street.

"Cards, my ID, everything was in there, even my grandmother's obituary, things I can't replace, so I was pretty upset," said Ehrnschwender.

Ehrnschwender said she always takes precautions when she's out and about.

"My purse, I always buckle my straps into the cart, so I was trying to be smart," said Ehrnschwender.

Now, she fears that's not enough, so she's taking it a step further by using a different style purse and holding on to a different, even more attentive, outlook.

It's unclear at this point if wallet thefts are becoming a bigger problem in the surrounding area. Colerain Township police said they are looking through reports to determine how many times they've been reported and if it's an ongoing issue.

In this case, Ehrnschwender said that she did notify police who told her they're looking through security camera footage. Her gut tells her the person who stole from her is not a first timer, and if he or she is not caught, she worries it won't be the last time.

"Never let anything leave your sight, not even for a second, because I'm a good example of just turning, and it being gone in a matter of moments," said Ehrnschwender.

Ehrnschwender said that she did not lose any money because she was able to shut down her accounts quickly. She said that she knows a friend who also had her wallet stolen in recent weeks.

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