Trespassing teens lose their bikes after police crash pool party

Trespassing teens lose their bikes after police crash pool party

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OH (FOX19) - The North College Hill Police Department has found a unique way to address an on-going issue with some teens who have been trespassing into a neighborhood pool.

For the third time, Officer Lauren Shepherd was called to the pool of a condo complex where teenagers were trespassing and going for an unsupervised dip in the pool.

"There is a tree line they sneak into and they go over a wall and they jump a fence to get in and they left all their bicycles by the tree line," Officer Shepherd said.

Police said nearly a dozen teens have been taking unwelcome dips in the pool, and on Thursday night Officer Shepherd caught them in the act.

"They all went in different directions and instead of chasing them all I just said, 'okay, well then I'm going to take your bike,'" she said.

Officer Shepherd loaded up five bikes that were left behind by the teenagers and took them to the police department - hen posted a picture on Facebook.

"Are you the owner of these bicycles? Were you trespassing at the Village Square Condominium pool and advised by NCH officers multiple times this week to leave the property?

Well, we decided to hold onto the bicycles for safe keeping after you ran from our officers so they wouldn't end up in the wrong hands...

If you wish to get your bicycles back please come to our police station with your parents so we can chat. Thanks!"

The social media post from police garnered a large response from the community.

Most of the comments on the story were positive, but a few did take issue with the 'tactic'.

"They thought it was petty but, I mean, at the same time rules are rules and this was not the first or second time that we asked them to leave," Officer Shepherd said. "For the people that live in those condo's it does matter."

One of the children picked up their bike immediately after the incident occurred and Officer Shepherd reports that she doesn't believe he will be back at the pool anytime soon.

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