Police look for man posing as Duke Energy worker

Police investigating scammer claiming to be Duke Energy employee

MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - A woman says a man posing as a Duke Energy employee tried to scam her and her neighbors before trying to steal things out of her car.

Natalie Taylor lives on Sierra St. in Madisonville and was able to capture a photo of the suspect before he ran away. The man is wearing an orange reflective vest, carries a briefcase, and has on ripped jeans.

"He told my neighbor he was with Duke Energy and wanted to upgrade her service and then said he needed water and asked to come inside," said Taylor.

Taylor's neighbor didn't let him in and believes he wanted to get inside her home when he knocked on the door.

"Hours later, I sit down to work on my computer and see someone near my car," she said.

Taylor says the same man was rummaging through her car.

"I confronted him and he said all he was looking for was $0.50 to buy a pop. I told him I was calling the police and I snapped a photo of him. Right when I started dialing he ran off," she said.

Cincinnati police say they're aware of the situation and are investigating.

Duke Energy officials say the company's security department is investigating the matter. A spokesperson said their employees carry badges, wear neon yellow vests with the company name on it, and never will ask for personal information. If you suspect anything, Duke Energy advises you to call the call center or report it.

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