Testimony continues in murder trial of Shayna Hubers

Updated: Aug. 15, 2018 at 6:08 PM EDT
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KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Jurors heard emotional testimony Wednesday in the Shayna Hubers murder re-trial as the woman accused of killing her boyfriend in 2012 gets a second chance.

A friend of Hubers described her relationship with Ryan Poston as tumultuous.

The prosecution called Christine Oyler to the stand to talk about text messages she and Hubers exchanged in the days leading up to Poston's killing.

Oyler said she was going through a breakup as well and Hubers offered her opinion about the two boyfriends.

"They're evil and deserve to burn in hell if they don't change," she said.

Hubers and Poston spent leisure time at a local shooting range, and on Oct. 1, Hubers sent Oyler another text.

"When I go to the shooting range tonight... I want to turn around, shoot him, and play like it's an accident," she said.

Oyler, a dentist, then received a request from Hubers just two days before she shot and killed Poston.

"Ryan's been begging me to ask if you could do his veneers. Please f*** them up and make him ugly so he'll never get another girl," she said.

Former Highland Heights Police Lieutenant Dave Fornash was back on the stand to talk the investigation

In Hubers' nearly three hour long police interview, she claimed Poston assaulted her in his condo.

"When Miss Hubers said she was thrown around, we noticed there wasn't anything knocked over," Fornash said.

Hubers shot Poston six times with a gun he had loaded in the house.

Hubers claimed it was in self defense.

Her attorney said she was emotionally fragile and kept asking officers for her personal belongings the night she was arrested.

Retired Norhern Kentucky medical examiner, Dr. Gregory Wanger performed the autopsy on Poston.

He was called up to testify if he thought Hubers was moving toward Poston or backing away while she was shooting him.

"But you don't know which shot was first, second, third, fourth, of fifth," they asked.

"No sir. It could be in any order," Wanger said.

The prosecution is expected to call more witnesses on Thursday.

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