Police chief: Hubers sent murder victim hundreds of messages that went unanswered

Hubers murder retrial: Day 6

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Day five of the Shayna Hubers murder retrial the court saw a police detective on the stand all day that testified about the months, weeks, days and even hours leading up to the death of Ryan Poston.

Hubers is on trial in Campbell County again for the 2012 murder of her boyfriend Ryan Poston, 29.

Her 2015 conviction was tossed out after it was revealed one of the jurors should not have served because he was a convicted felon.

Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer, was a detective on October 12, 2012 when Hubers shot and killed Poston inside his condo.

The detective's duty was to go through the couple's text and phone records.

Two weeks before Poston was shot, police said Hubers sent a friend a picture of her at a gun range with Poston and texted her.

"A part of me wanted to turn around and shoot him. I'm wondering why he's taking me on dates and stuff. I'm not going to turn down learning to shoot a gun," she said in the message.

The detective said Hubers was relentless in the number of messages she sent to Poston.

"She would send him a hundred messages to his one response. Many times he would just turn his phone off," Birkenhauer said.

Court testimony revealed that Poston added Audry Bolte as a Facebook friend in early January.

The prosecution said two days later Hubers got onto Poston's page and saw he was communicating with Miss Ohio 2012.

"On January 9, 2012 she had searched Audry Bolte on Facebook," Birkenhauer said.

At one point, according to Birkenhauer, Hubers downloaded a photo of Bolte onto her cell phone.

It came out in court that Hubers would make Poston feel guilty until he took her back in their on again off again relationship.

Prosecutors said Hubers told Poston on the Friday she shot him that she would need a ride to the airport on Sunday to visit an aunt who was on her death bed in Hawaii.

"There was no tickets," Birkenhauer said. "I found that she was still alive up until a couple of years ago and doing well."

The prosecution said Hubers made up a story about being seriously ill with a heart problem and that she had been hospitalized.

Hubers has maintained she shot Poston in self-defense.

The jury is still waiting to hear from Hubers' cell mates, which the prosecution promised the court their testimony at some point.

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