Reading residents frustrated with ongoing flooding issues near construction site

READING, OH (FOX19) - In Reading, a group of neighbors are fighting for something to be done because they said that every time it rains, their homes and backyards are flooded with water.

Residents said they have been dealing with the problems along Bolser Drive and Thurnridge Drive over the course of the last year.

"This is our biggest asset, our home is, and for everyone, I think that's pretty normal. I have to protect my home," said Terri Miller, who has lived in Reading for 15 years.

Miller said she did not notice any flooding problems on her property until construction started on Reading's New PK-12 School, which is being built nearby. She said her backyard is now eroding, and her shed is rotting.

"It is encroaching towards my house and towards my deck, and I have to make sure it doesn't come in," said Miller. 

Savannah Hammons lives close to Miller and said she is always on the lookout when wet weather hits because water leaks into her basement almost every time.

"I get anxiety, and then I have to go downstairs and check the walls, and tonight water was coming through the walls," said Hammons.

Residents claimed they have reported the issue to district officials and city leaders and have asked for help, but have gotten nowhere..

They said they are hoping sometime soon, someone will step up.

"We want this school, but you need to see what's happening to our properties on Bolser Drive," said Miller. "It's not fair. We shouldn't have to be putting up with this."

City leaders could not be reached for comment Monday night.

The Reading superintendent Chuck LaFata shared a statement Monday that read:

"The district has been proactive in dealing with drainage issues at the construction site for the new school. The site has been inspected by the EPA. The district and the construction team have followed all of the EPA's guidelines and recommendations. Both a water retention pond and a swale have been installed to manage water runoff. The site was also inspected by the city of Reading and passed the inspection."

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