Shayna Hubers retrial: For every text her boyfriend sent, she fired off 100

Hubers murder retrial: Day 6

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - It's Day Six in the murder retrial of Shayna Hubers in Campbell County.

The prosecution put forth three women who had contact with Hubers while she was in the Campbell County Detention Center waiting for her first trial to begin.

The prosecution contends Hubers killed her boyfriend, Ryan Poston, 29, in his Highland Heights condominium on Oct. 12, 2012 because he wanted to break up.

Her attorneys say she shot him six times in self-defense.

Holly Nivens said Hubers described what happened after shes picked up Poston's gun from the dining room table at his Highland Heights condo.

"She asked Ryan 'what would you do if I' and pointed the gun at him," she said.

Poston's step-sister left the courtroom in tears when she heard what Hubers allegedly said about her family.

"She had said that Ryan's family had a bunch of money and that they could buy a new child," Nivens said.

At one point during the trial, Hubers was seen sobbing in the arms of one of her attorneys though it wasn't clear why she was upset.

Donna Dooley said Hubers would freely about the murder charge she was facing.

"She had no remorse at all she just talked so openly," she said. "She talked about how there were worse crimes than murder and about how Ryan's family is not the only one that lost a child. Her parents 'lost her.'"

Cecily Miller testified that Hubers knew that Poston was going on a date with Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte, the night she shot and killed him.

"What I remember is when she shot him it was like bang, bang, bang, and then she'd sit there and said 'just gave him the nose job he always wanted,' cackled, laughed and she shot him he fell and then when she shot him... she stood over him and shot him more," she said.

The defense team attacked the creditability of the witnesses saying there was documented proof that one of them tells lies.

The defense also said the cellmates tried to get preferential treatment for the cases in exchange for their testimony.

The jury in her 2015 trial didn't buy her self defense story.

They convicted Hubers, and she was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

But a judge tossed the conviction. It was later revealed one of the jurors was a felon who should have been barred from serving.

During testimony Monday, a single witness was on the stand the entire day.

Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Burkenhauer told jurors she relentlessly sent Poston text messages as the couple dated on and off for about a year and a half.

For every text message Poston sent Hubers, she fired off 100, the chief testified.

He was a detective on duty the day of the shooting and , as part of the homicide investigation, examined their text messages and phone records.

He also told jurors that, two weeks before the shooting, Hubers sent a friend a photo of her and Poston at a gun range.

The picture came with a message: "A part of me wanted to turn around and shoot him."

The defense rebutted by showing an aggressive text message between Poston and a colleague.

The text is unrelated to Hubers.

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