Video of suspected sex predators inadmissible in court, but group vows they won't stop filming

Authorities say vigilante group's sexual predator confession videos won't hold up in court

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A group behind recent alleged sexual predator videos learned this week the cases will never go to court.

Parents Against Predators Nationwide (PAP) videotaped five men expecting to hook-up with minors, but instead they were met with PAP members.

But their video evidence, which they say captured conversations leading up to the meetings and taped confessions, won't lead any of the men being prosecuted.

Officials with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office acknowledged Tuesday they are not pursuing charges because the men did not break any laws.

Suspects have to either be talking to an actual minor or a law enforcement officer to violate the law, said Sgt. David Ausdenmoore.

"It's disgusting," said PAP organizer Kelle Cook in response.

"I'm aggravated because these exposures take a lot of time and we do it for the kids, teens, and parents."

The group is circulating a petition to change Ohio's law. They plan to post it on their website this week.

But Ausdenmoore said he doesn't think the law should be changed.

This type of sensitive and dangerous work, he said, should be left to law enforcement officials who have proper training and won't put innocent bystanders in harm way.

"These suspects, when they realize what's happening, think they have nothing to lose," he said.

"Nothing is going to stop them from pulling out a firearm. Someone is going to get hurt and it's going to be someone from Parents Against Predators."

But the group is not about to be scared off.

"We have life insurance," Cook said. "That's a risk we're willing to take."

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