Shayna Hubers retrial: 'She has had an enormous amount of trauma in her life'

Psychologist testifies in Hubers' retrial

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Shayna Hubers' mental state at the time she shot and killed Ryan Poston in October 2012 took center stage during day nine of her murder retrial.

The jury heard from a former neighbor of Poston's and a forensic psychologist who said Hubers suffers from borderline personality disorder caused by traumatic events in her past.

Nicole Carnes testified that Hubers showed up at her door crying in the summer of 2012.

"She had like a red mark on her arm maybe about the size of a hand print and I asked what happened and she said that she had gotten
 into an argument with Ryan and he had picked  her up and threw he down in the hallway," she said.

Hubers' defense attorneys then called Doctor Thomas Schact to the stand.

"At the time she shot Mr. Poston in 2012, Miss Hubers' psychological condition was seriously abnormal," he said.

Dr. Schact said Hubers' condition may have developed as early as when she was in middle school.

"Miss Hubers described to me experiencing extremely distressing peer bullying," he said.

Dr. Schacht said he interviewed Hubers for 37 hours last December and looked through her medical records from when she was a child, up until the present day.

"She has had an enormous amount of sexual trauma in her life," he said.

Hubers testified that she had a strained relationship with her father after he sexually assaulted her and made crude comments about her appearance.

"That he was looking forward to her breasts getting bigger so he could watch them jiggle when she walked like the ladies on the exercise shows on TV that he watched," Dr. Schacht said.

Hubers also said Poston suggested that she go through breast augmentation surgery.

"He ends up putting himself in the position of her father. 'I want your breast to get bigger so I can look at them,'" Dr. Schacht said.

The prosecution questioned the doctor about the sexual statements and he said Hubers' parents told him they didn't know what their daughter was talking about and it didn't happen.

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