Dog adopted from SPCA in Northside dies days later

Pup dies days after being adopted

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - A family is without their newly adopted dog after the owner says it died in the care of the Northside SPCA.

Ashley Hennessey adopted Coco, a German shepherd, from the SPCA in Northside.

She says Coco got sick so she took it back to the same SPCA for treatment, but a few hours later she walked out with Coco in a garbage bag.

"It's been really, really hard," she said.

Hennessey took Coco to a veterinarian where it tested positive for Parvo. She then took the dog for treatment at the SPCA where the pup tested negative.

She dropped Coco off for treatment at 9:15 a.m. The SPCA noted that the dog died about an hour later.

Hennessey says no one called her to tell her -- she called them around 1 p.m. and found out.

"After I picked up her remains they had told me that they didn't really have the resources to treat her the way that an emergency vet could, which I understand, the issue is I was misled and I was told they could," Hennessey said.

Hennessey says she was supposed to hear back from the director of operations who she says told her he was investigating the matter.

A Northside SPCA spokesperson said.the director of operations talked to Hennessey, no meeting was held and they reserve the right to not have contact with her.

The SPCA also says they don't test dogs that come into the shelter for Parvo until they show symptoms because they have 500 dogs.

Hennessey says she hopes they'll start testing.

the SPCA also tells me some Parvo tests don't always come back accurate and that's what happened in this case.

They say they quarantined Coco as a precaution and cleaned the area she was in.

Hennessey says she is also upset because her other dog Tater, a Jack Russell, could have been exposed.

She hopes moving forward the SPCA will offer adopters the chance to pay for a full blood test before they take pets home.

Hennessey says if it was an option - she would have done that.

The SPCA wrote hennessey a $216 check.

She plans to donate it to the Campbell County Animal Shelter.

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