Police investigate report of burglars stealing from 3-year-old with special needs

Thieves steal from girl with special needs

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A group of burglars allegedly busted into a home in Lebanon and made off with money and valuable items, but it's what they reportedly took from a little girl with special needs that has many in the community feeling disgusted.

Patrick McGilly said he and his 3-year-old daughter Chelsea came home from a busy day of appointments a few days back and found their safe space had been violated.

"You know, you took from my daughter. Take from me all you want, that's fine, but don't take from her. It's not right," said McGilly.

Their apartment off Miller Road in Lebanon had been ransacked and raided, according to McGilly.

"(We had) different therapies and classes and stuff for her special needs, and when we came back, we noticed that we'd been robbed," said McGilly.

McGilly said what little they did have was gone, including the TV that was taken off the wall, hundreds of dollars in rent money, and a teaching tablet they used to help Chelsea with her developmental delays and struggles with speaking.

"Just to have something taken from her, it hurts, because even at three with special needs, she gives so much back to this community," said McGilly.

McGilly said his daughter makes an impact on everyone she meets because of her positive attitude and inspiring approach to life despite her young age and the challenges that she faces.

"It's a punch to the gut just knowing it was her. That it wasn't just Patrick, that it was Chelsea, because she's such a light and such an inspiration to so many people," said Sarah Patrick, a friend of McGilly's.

Lebanon police are continuing to investigate the case. McGilly said he does not expect anything to be recovered or returned. If nothing else, he wants the thief to apologize to Chelsea.

"Our motto is give even when you have nothing to give because you'll always get in return, and that's what I'll continue to teach her, and that's the way I'll continue to live. It's just an unfortunate setback," said McGilly.

When people in the community, like Sarah Patrick, got word of what had happened, they decided to step in and help. Some people have donated gift cards and others have offered to replace stolen items to help McGilly and his daughter get back on their feet.

McGilly said he is incredibly thankful for the support.  Anyone who would like to help McGilly and Chelsea can contact Sarah Patrick via her business Facebook page.

If you have any information on the crime, call police.

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