Sittenfeld: Don't burn Nike gear, donate it

Sittenfeld: Don't burn Nike gear, donate it

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Across the U.S., people are destroying their Nike merchandise after the company launched an advertisement campaign featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

For those of you who may not remember, Kaepernick played for San Francisco before he took a knee protesting police brutality during the national anthem.

Since the Nike ad came out, people have taken to social media, burning shoes and cutting the logo out of their clothes.

Cincinnati City Council member P.G. Sittenfeld hopes that instead of destroying Nike apparel, people will consider donating it to kids in need. Sittenfeld tweeted out Tuesday morning:

"This country gives us the freedom to react to things how we want to react to them. I take the position that if people are going to destroy or burn their Nike gear rather than do that why not put it in the hands of kids who need it," Sittenfeld said.

FOX19 got reaction from people at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati.

One woman said: "I don't care what Nike does. I identify on the right side of politics, but I like their clothes and I will keep wearing them."

Another woman said: "I don't like Kaepernick for the knee thing. So, right now I'm boycotting Nike. I came from a long line of military people and I always have to respect that."

FOX19's Maytal Levi asked her: "What would you say to people who say (Kaepernick taking a knee) isn't about the military it's about police brutality?"

She replied: "No comment."

Sittenfeld says we all have room to improve and while he supports the police community we should hold each other to high standards.

Kaepernick has said when the flag represents what it's supposed to represent, he will stand but until then he's taking a knee for those who are oppressed.

If you do donate your Nike gear, you can d rop it off or mail it to City Hall.

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