Feeling unsafe? Here are some safety apps in case you find yourself in danger

Tech expert explains which safety apps are best

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's an app for seemingly everything these days, so a tech expert weighed in on which safety app is best.

Popular Science, a science journalism entity released an article naming Kitestring, Noonlight, Life360 and React Mobile as four of the best safety apps if you suspect you're in danger. All the apps are free in your smartphone except for Noonlight which costs $3.

Of course, dialing 911 is always your safest bet, but sometimes you can't and other times it's better to let your friends and family know you're in an uncomfortable spot going on a blind date or meeting up with someone to sell something from Craigslist.

Tech expert Dave Hatter has 25 years in the business and teaches programming at Cincinnati State. He took a dive into the apps and says Life360 is the most valuable.

Here's a look at the apps that ranked as the best:

  • Kitestring - Is actually a website that sends texts to your phone. You tell it if you don't check within a certain amount of time to text you, if you don't respond to that text it will alert emergency contacts.
  • Noonlight - Is an app where you hold down a button if you're in suspected danger. Once you feel safe you let the button go and if you don't enter a PIN number within 10 seconds a dispatcher near you is alerted of your location and that you're in possible distress.
  • Life360 - Is an app that works like a GPS tracker with your circle of choice from family members to friends. It lets them know where you are at all times.
  • React Mobile - An app that works like 360 but offers 'Follow Me' and 'Help Me' icons to allow people to check up on you and then actually help you if you're in a dangerous situation.

Popular Science has more information on weather safety apps and first-aid apps.

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