Woman Accusing Church Of Forcing Adoption Wins Appeal

A woman who has accused a priest of impregnating her and then being forced to put the baby up for adoption has won an appeal in court.

The woman, who is called Jane Doe in the case, alleges that a priest impregnated her when she was sixteen. After she had the baby, she claims that the church preyed upon her faith.

The woman claims in her suit that church officials pressured her playing off of her religious indoctrination to put the baby up for adoption in 1965.

A trial court dismissed the charges in 2005 saying that the statute of limitations had run out on the woman's claims.

According to the woman's attorney, Marc Mezibov, the First District Court of Appeals reversed the trial court on Friday. A release from Mezibov's office states that Judge Sylvia S. Hendon wrote that statements made to the girl by church officials that the pregnancy was her fault and that her child would not be baptized if she did not place it for adoption, coupled with her devout Catholic upbringing, were sufficient to prevent the Archdiocese from asserted that the lawsuit was filed too late.

The release also states that Hendon held that the woman could go forward with her claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with familial relation ships, and breach of fiduciary duty against the Archdiocese.

A spokesman from the Archdiocese says that they intend to appeal the ruling.

Report: FOX19 News