Bengals Offer Jerk Hotline To Report Unruly Fans

One day after the latest Bengal arrest of guard Eric Steinbach, the team is making waves by telling fans they better shape up.

Alarmed by the increase in drunk and sometimes belligerent even violent fans the Bengals are offering a jerk hotline.   Call 381-JERK and a Sheriff's Department deputy will help nip the problem in the bud.

"If the person that's exhibiting the bad behavior doesn't change his ways, then we'll kick him out." said Bengals representative, Bob Bedinghaus.   

At training camp Tuesday, some fans took the announcement as an invitation to do as the Bengals say not as they do, considering five Bengals players have been criminally charged since June.

"It's definitely going to have an impact on what people think, definitely. Because they have so many negative stereotypes and there's just one more thing to add to it," is what Bengals fan Ciara Williams thinks of the jerk hotline.  

But Bedinghaus said that the rule isn't a reaction to several player's off-field troubles, "as an organizational policy, we don't comment on issues relating to the players.  Everything we're doing is from a customer service standpoint relating to fans that are in the stands."

Reaction there is mixed according to the fans.

"Everybody is going to get unruly at times. But if they get out of hand, too out of hand, and you have kids with you, I kind of agree with it," said fan Chris Vaughn.

Bengals fan Rob Peterman disagrees, "obviously there's going to be times when somebody is going to be out of control at the game. But i think the goal of the fans is to be as loud as we can to help out the team."

Wade Carrier thinks the goal of the fans and the players should just be the same. "You always just gotta be right," said Carrier.  "You don't want to be caught or anything, you just gotta be good."

If the Bengals are good on the field everybody's happy.

Report: Chris Shaw

Web producer: Cliff Jenkins