Fire Officials Investigating Price Hill Fires

Investigators believe four back-to-back fires in price hill early Friady morning were the work of serial arsonists and all four fires are being considered suspicious.

The first fire started at a home on Warsaw shortly before midnight Thursday.

Police say this 3 story home is abondoned but they believe someone got inside and set a fire.

When firefighters got here there were heavy flames on the first and second floors.  It took a half an hour for the 30 firefighters to put out the blaze.  Damage to the building has been estimated at 40-thousand dollars.

Then within an hour, something bizarre began to happen.

Three other fires started within a couple of blocks of the first one.

One was in a dumpster on Seton Avenue, another involved a couch on a porch on Regina and one more couch was burned on a porch at a home on Academy.

Firefighters said that damage to the dumpster and the couches at the homes were minimal.

Neighbors in the Cedar Grove area spotted the two men who they thought set the fires and authorities nabbed them.

The investigation continues into all four fires.

Names of suspects were not released.  The police apprehended two men shortly after the last fire was set on Academy.  The two apparently smelled of accellerant.  But later in the day, police released the two men and fire officials say that they are still

Report: FOX19 News

Web producer: Cliff Jenkins