Cincinnati Racks Up Record-Breaking 85th Murder... Then Goes for 86

(CINCINNATI) -- With less than 6 hours left in 2006, the City of Cincinnati achieved a highly unwanted record: its undisputed all-time murder record. Then, within 4 hours, the record was broken.

Police are investigating two fatal shootings that took place Sunday.

The first New Year's Eve shooting came around 6:30 Sunday night when police received a report of shots fired and a person down at Gobel and Westwood Northern Avenues in East Westwood.

They found a man dead on the sidewalk. He has been identified as 28 year old Richard R. Ellison.

A short time later another victim, shot twice in the rear, arrived at University Hospital. Police said that person told them that the man who was killed had been in a car where the shooting occurred. Police didn't know if Ellison was able to run from the car before he died, or if he was thrown out. The surviving victim flagged someone down who gave him a ride to the hospital.  His injuries do not appear critical.

Police didn't have a description of the suspect or the car involved in the shooting yet, and were not releasing any names of any of those involved.

It was the 85th murder of 2006, easily eclipsing the modern record of 82 in 1972, and the all-time record among years for which records are available: 84 in 1943.

Then around 10pm there was a report of multiple people shot at a Walnut Hills Club "Ice, Blues, and Jazz" in the 200 block of Gilbert Avenue. Police found one person dead on the scene, the 86th homicide of 2006, breaking the latest record after just 3 and a half hours.  That victim was identified as 18 year-old Clamar Henderson.

Three more gundshot victims arrived at University Hospital a short time later.  Police say they arrived in a private vehicle.  Their injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

There were shootings reported at at least a couple of other locations in the city during the same hour, but none of those appeared to be fatal.

Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit is investigating these incidents.  If you have any information please call 352-2542 or Crimestoppers at 352-3040.