Controversial Group Cancels March

After a couple of weeks of protest and legal manuverings over a Neo-Nazi march in downtown Cincinnati organizers of that march say it is cancelled for now.

The march was originally scheduled for Friday through the streets of Over-The-Rhine. The group is the same that marched through the streets of Toledo which sparked a large riot last year.

Leaders of the American National Socialist Workers Party say that they will be back. The march was cancelled after the group's state leader, Justin Boyer, was removed from his post.

National leaders say that Boyer was removed after the group realized that Boyer had a warrant for his arrest on domestic violence charges in Washington.

The group's spokesperson, Bill White, said that although the march has been cancelled, they do not intend to stay away for long.

White added that the group will no longer apply for a permit which could create a headache for city officials which will have little or warning of a march.

The group created a stir after they applied for a permit to march through Over the Rhine and the city denied the permit unless they march on an alternate route. The controversy changed the way that the city hands out parade permits. The responsibility to issue parade permits has changed hands from the police department to the city manager's office.