UPDATE: Prosecutor Will Seek Death Penalty In NCH Murder



A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Dale Brandon Phillips for the murder of Christopher Spencer.

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters says he will seek the death penalty for Phillips.

"This crime is on film, and it is one of the most cold-blooded and senseless acts I have ever seen," said Deters.

Deters said Spencer was trying to lead a successful life. He had finished school, was a manager at the store and had recently placed a bid for buying his first house. Deters said Phillips the opposite of that.

Investigators believe Phillips and Spencer went to school together, and Phillips shot him because he was afraid he would recognize him after he tried to rob the store.

Deters said Phillips is also accused of threatening a store clerk at gunpoint at an Ameristop near the clothing store a few days earlier. Phillips had been serving time in jail for an earlier robbery, but was released from his five year sentence early.


Police have made in arrest in the murder of 23-year-old Christopher Spencer.

Dale "Brandon" Phillips, 23, turned himself into police around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Previously: North College Hill Police are looking for the person who murdered a Bond Hill man during what may have been a botched robbery.

Sunday night they released surveillance photos of the suspect inside the "Ril World" clothing store during the Saturday robbery on Galbraith Road at Simpson Avenue.  Earlier in the day his victim, 23-year-old Christopher Spencer, died in the hospital.

Spencer's mother Sherre Williams said her son hadn't even planned to work Saturday, but agreed to fill in at the last moment. "They were short staffed, so he was like, sure he'll go in and do the first part of the day."

Spencer, who was saving up money at his job in hopes pf getting into real estate,  had planned to go out with family members to look at some property late Saturday afternoon,  but the mid-afternoon shooting put an end to that plan.

"We were like, come on, the Realtor is going to come back. And he's like, ok I'm leaving here at four. He got shot probably at 3:15, 3:30."

Spencer's death brought a large outpouring of support from his friends Sunday, and a plea from his mother that the killer be caught. "He's taken something very dear to me, away."