Teen accused of beating up 81-year-old woman in road rage incident

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) -- A horrible case of road rage lands an elderly woman in an Indiana hospital.

Police say Jessica Vasquez, 19, thought Evelyn Page, 81, was driving too slow.

Vasquez sped around the slower driver then slammed on her breaks, forcing the elderly woman to stop.

Police say Vasquez then got out of her car and opened the driver's side door of Page's car.

Officers say Vasquez proceeded to beat the elderly woman. The victim tried to get away, but Vasquez pulled her out of the car. She continued to hit her as she fell into two lanes of traffic. The woman's face was bloodied and her leg was broken in fourteen places.

Witnesses wrote down Vasquez's license plate number as she sped away. Police arrested her soon after and she had this to say to the cameras.

"It outraged me to see this victim laying there in that bed with that broken leg with that black eye that she had and the cut under her eye. Knowing that she's 81 years old and defenseless and someone take advantage of her like that," said Detective Wendall Daniel with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Witnesses say vasquez had as many as three young children in her car when she beat the elderly woman.

Police say Vasquez could face felony battery and confinement charges.

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