Drivers give input on one of Tri-State's most maddening intersections

(WARREN COUNTY, OH) -- Highway officials are finally hearing your curses about one of the Tri-state's most maddening intersections.

It's where Interstate 71, Fields Ertel and Mason-Montgomery roads all come together in a jumbled up bumper to bumper mess.

Wednesday night, no less than ten solutions were presented to the public -- some of them short term, others long term. Some costing many millions of dollars and some less expensive.

It's all an effort to make the trip for the 80,000 cars that go through the intersection every day a bit smoother.

"We'd like input from the public to see which ones they see as being a solution that kind of fit into what they see as the problem. It's really just a sanity check on these solutions to make sure we're going down the right track," said Neil Tunison, a Warren County engineer.

If you're not familiar with this intersection, you get off the highway and most traffic turns left,  and depending on if you want to stay on Mason Montgomery or turn onto Fields Ertel, you have to get into one of five lanes, which brings you to another traffic light, not 100 feet from the highway exit, so you can understand how this gets backed up, and quickly turns a commute into a nightmare.

"I don't think anybody knows where they're going."

"It's congested all day, even on the weekends."

"It takes forever."

It doesn't matter if you're a novice driver of the Mason Montgomery Fields Ertel exit off of 71.

"We just came off the exit of 71 and the traffic's not moving at all and what is cutting you off - a semi truck just almost took out the corner of our car," said young driver Jamie Walter.

Or a seasoned professional, who's used to southern California traffic.

"I'm used to sitting in traffic and this is absolutely a mess. The lights aren't timed there's not wide enough no way to get around it it's ridiculous," said Kris Baker

This off ramp and subsequent intersections turn into parking lots every day, and make a commute to work or home less than pleasant.

"I can't get out of my parking lot it's so congested," said Demetrius Caldwell.

What may surprise you is that Ohio State Highway Patrol says that in the last three years there've only been fifty accidents as a result of this off ramp, so it may be more of a headache than a danger.

"There's just a convergence of a lot of different things going on lot of roads wasn't well thought out and maybe they didn't plan for the growth at the time," said Deborah Meek.

But the growth in Warren County continues, which is why drivers hope a fix is in the foreseeable future. Corey McConnell