Did couple in Carrollton murder-suicide have death pact?

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- There is more information about the Tuesday's double shooting involving an elderly couple at Carrollton, Kentucky nursing home. FOX19's Louisville sister station, WAVE 3, reports there may have been a pact between the two before their deaths.

Just hours before Carrollton Police say 85 year old Harry Hopperton took his wife's life and then shot himself at Green Valley Health and Rehab Center, neighbor Michael Rassman saw Hopperton going about his day.

"I just saw him yesterday out in the field over there. They were digging up oil tanks or whatever out of the ground and he was over there watching over that," says Rassman.

It was the kind of activity he's seen his neighbor do over the past 19 years or so.

"It wasn't like he was just shutting down, that I could see," added Rassman.

He says the Hopperton's often kept to themselves.

"He was especially kind of a recluse person, but for something like this to happen, no it just doesn't fit them. Doesn't fit the profile," Rassman says.

From what he has been told, Rassman doesn't believe Harry Hopperton acted alone.

"It's still a surprise to know he did something like that, whether or not it was a mutual agreement that they wanted this done. According to what I hear, what the letter is, both of them signed it. And it sounded like they both wanted to do it," says Rassman.

83 year old Myla Hopperton had been staying at Green Valley for about 9 months, but she wasn't terminally ill.

"If you ask me, I guess you could say they were both just going out together," he adds.

Green Valley spokesperson Robin Barber told WAVE 3 by phone Wednesday that she didn't want to comment on security issues at the facility. She says officials there believe this was an isolated incident.

Report: WAVE3, Louisville