FBI stepping in to help solve murder case

James Grafinreed and Takisha Maupin
James Grafinreed and Takisha Maupin

(AVONDALE, OH) -- The FBI is stepping in to help Cincinnati Police solve a double murder that happened in Avondale.

The murders James Grafinreed, 80 and Takisha Maupin,33, happened in March.

Cincinnati police detectives say it was one of the most vicious and inexplicable murders they've had in a while.

Both had been stabbed to death inside Maupin's apartment at an Avondale assisted living complex and a janitor found their bodies.

Police say Maupin was a disabled woman who likley was unable to defend herself. Grafinreed was her neighbor.

One of the things the FBI is doing to assist the investigation is create a profile of the likely killer.

They'll talk about that and some other aspects of the case a news conference Friday afternoon.