Residents get chance to ask questions about streetcars

(CINCINNATI) -- If some Cincinnati planers have their way, streetcars could soon be rolling through.

Tuesday, proponents of streetcars in Cincinnati are bringing in some out-of-towners to push the idea.

If you want to find out how successful streetcars have been in other cities, this is your chance.

From 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Tuesday, there will be a forum at Tangeman University Center.

Represenatives from Seattle, Charlotte, Little Rock and Portland will be available to answer questions and share their experiences and challenges.

The streetcar plan did get approval from Cincinnati City Council, but city manager Milton Dohoney needs to look for funding.

The city needs to come up with $60 million on its own, plus tens of millions from other sources if the system is to be built according to current plans.

If you are interested in attending the forum, you can walk up and register, but it does cost $35, and that includes parking, breakfast and lunch. Meghan Mongillo