New front door is on the way for Cincinnati


Roger Seay - email

It is a day of celebration on the waterfront.

In a ceremony where officals were given small handsized garden spades they broke ground on a very big project - the new Cincinnati Waterfront Park.

The park will contain fountains, trees, adventure playground, bicycle facilities, and a lawn which can host concerts and other events.

"This wonderful park is a great addition to this part of ohio. And I want to say congratulations and thanks to those who had the forseight and vision to bring this about," said Governor Ted Strickand.

The park is being called the new front door to the state of Ohio.

Look in the video player on her on for the clip called "Cincinnati Riverfront Park" to see an artist rendering of how the park should look .

The first section of the park is expected to be finished in 20-10.