Gov. Matt Bevin refuses to concede race

  Cincinnati man shot, killed at Kentucky park

  Cat dies after being thrown out of moving car on the interstate

The cat wasn't microchiped, but it's ear was clipped - a sign of it being a community cat that's been fixed.

  Owensboro man breaks world bench pressing record

  No one hit during Sportsdome bus crash

Mike Gibson says he lost control when the steering broke, causing the bus to crash into a guard rail.

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  Child rescued after falling into sewer drain

Child rescued after falling into sewer drain

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  Animation of Cleveland Clinic in utero surgery

  Baby girl born 4 months after ground-breaking in utero surgery at Cleveland Clinic

Source: Cleveland Clinic

  Jeffersonville Fire rescues rare bird from tree

Ruby the 3-month-old macaw escaped from her home and flew into a neighbor's tree.

  Cleveland 19 tries the "paw paw"

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