Predictions for Tech Trends

Updated: Dec. 15, 2021 at 10:15 AM EST
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For 2022: • Work from home will become work from everywhere. • Middle manager jobs are likely to shrink as more collaboration tools come into the remote working mix, but no alarms there, tech jobs will only continue to increase as will remote education. • Codeless coding will become a thing with increased tools and frameworks, people who want to code will be able to do so with more assistance than ever before. • As internet coverage increases, poverty will decrease in those areas as it helps to facilitate remote work. The future is here, but it's not yet distributed. Access will continue to increase in 2022. Beyond 2022, in the next ten years: • Surgeries will be done by taking pills full of nanobots • We will be able to read the minds of our pets • AI will cure loneliness and guarantee digital immortality • Screens, as we know them, will go away, they'll roll up and go in your pocket or we'll see text we need either in our glasses or projecte