Develop Higher Self-esteem

Updated: Aug. 5, 2022 at 10:20 AM EDT
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How can we develop higher self-esteem? Stop looking to others for validation. It must come for the individual. You have control of your own value. Why do we have low self-esteem? It usually comes from our childhood, what we were told about ourselves from an adult. For instance, you are not good at something or you are not good enough. Or a traumatic or stressful experience. This could include abuse, divorce, or the death of a loved one. How can low self-esteem affect us? We care too much about what others think. Some of us are always trying to be the person that someone else wants us to be or saying "yes" to things that do not benefit us or make us feel better about ourselves. There is also negative self talk that keeps us down. How can we empower ourselves and build our self-esteem? You first need to look to yourself for joy and not outside circumstances. Say no. Be kind to yourself. Recognize the things you are good at. For instance, cooking, organizing, doing puzzles, and being a good friend. Build positive relationships with others. Let go of negativity in your life. How can we change the negative self-talk? There are a couple of ways. Write down the positive things people say about your or what you are good at and refer back to it when you are feeling down. Change your narrative. If you catch yourself saying things like 'I'm not good enough' or 'I'm a failure', you can start to turn things around by saying 'I can beat this'! 'I will get through this'! If I feel down or bad about something I change the way I feel by changing what I am saying to myself and it truly shifts how I feel about myself and the circumstances. It is so important that you notice your small wins and celebrate them. The more you do this the better you begin to feel about yourself. When you cut back on negative chatter in your mind you began to allow your higher self to guide you to happiness.