More and more people are surviving cardiac events — BUT NOT WOMEN

Updated: Aug. 22, 2022 at 10:48 AM EDT
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Women need CPR, too! More and more people are surviving cardiac events — BUT NOT WOMEN. Why? Women who have cardiac arrests are more likely to: • Have cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle • Have non-schockable rhythms that cannot be treated with an AED • Be older and live at home alone Numbers tell the story In a 2017 study of more than 19,000 people who had cardiac events: Only 39% of women received CPR from bystanders in public compared to 45% of men. Men's odds of surviving a cardiac event were 23% higher than women's. AHA'S RESPONSE: To help overcome the problems and fears AHA is: "I will be accused of inappropriate touching" "I will cause physical injury" "I will get sued if I hurt a woman" Many believe that women: • Are less likely to have heart problems Even in training environments, some people are less likely to use CPR or an AED on female avatars THE PROBLEMS: CPR+ =? RAISING AWARENESS about cardiac arrest in women IMPROVING TRAINING AHA's CPR training addresses gender-related barriers to improve bystander CPR rates for women. This includes representation of women in our training materials and informational videos. ADVOCATING to improve the response to cardiac arrest for everyone. Good Samaritan laws offer some protection to those who perform CPR. Overcome your fear and learn CPR. Learn more at