"Love's Not Enough" presented by Enlightened Studios

Updated: Jan. 18, 2023 at 10:48 AM EST
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Fairfield Community Arts Center, Wessel Dr., Fairfield, OH Showtimes: Friday - 7:00p: Saturday - 2:00p & 7:00p: Sunday - 2:00p Love's Not Enough is not your typical stage production. It is a show that projects the realities of diverse individuals that we all may know and can relate to their life struggles…and that's ok because we all have room to grow no matter our age. With a collaboration of music the Writer/Director Terry L Chappell II and another songwriter displays the life of a family and their friends who are newly weds. However, one story in particular is about a man named Brandon McGhee. Brandon is a faithful, loyal and a God-fearing young man who is living/traveling the daily road of every married mans worse nightmare…"Male-infertility!" He is married to his wife Rachel, who is a strong woman of faith. The two illustrate their daily struggles. Displaying the possibilities of unanswered prayers, not being parents, not understanding what God's plan is for them, and ultimately their faith is challenged when not only one, but two of Rachel's best friends Kortney and Carla announce their pregnancy. Through their strife they continue to hold on believing that man's NO, is God's Glory. Let me clarify, this production is a true story except for what the Writer/Director has made up. Unfortunately the piece that is true and relates to the Writer/Director and his wife Nikelle, is the infertility part. This is a glimpse of Terry and Nikelle's story that God has given him to share with the world...and that's what he plans to do with this production. This show will make you cry, make you mad, sad, happy and joyful. So be ready because it is layered with so many real life events that's piled with multiple genres.