Monkey and Bug's Night at the Corn Stand Jam - New book from local author Scott Smallwood

Updated: Jan. 31, 2023 at 9:50 AM EST
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Monkey and Bug's Night at the Corn Stand Jam Written by Scott Smallwood after he was inspired by the mission of the Corn Stand Jam, The book is illustrated by local artist, Hannah Tebbe, who also lives in Hamilton, Ohio. The picture book follows the journey of a dog, Monkey, and his friend, a cat, named Bug, on their way to the Corn Stand Jam. Along their way, they meet up with Bug's friends also on their way to the Jam, and even though everyone was unique, they learned to celebrate their differences. They also learn to reach out and talk about their struggles. Smallwood, a research chemist by trade, had always wanted to write a children's book. "The main theme is "It is ok not to feel ok" and it's ok to talk to someone about it. It also hits on diversity and how people from many walks of life can make up a community." About the Corn Stand Jam: The Corn Stand Jam, formerly Christian's Corn Stand Jam, was founded in 2019, as a festival event to remember, honor and celebrate the life of Christian Unger by utilizing the spirit of music and community as well as friends and family far and wide. As mental illness touches so many in the community, the annual event has grown to include year-round activities and outreach, focused on mental health awareness. The CSJ strive to raise awareness and funds to support mental health organizations and scholarships for Butler County high school seniors. For more information on Monkey and Bug's Night at the Corn Stand Jam book on social: