Making limoncello spritz for summer

Updated: May. 26, 2023 at 11:19 AM EDT
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First you have to get some super fun glasses!! Look at these, aren’t they lovely?? Then you have to have some fancy ice... fancy ice you say, I say Dam straight. Fancy ice is everywhere and aesthetically speaking they have become part of the presentation of cocktails. So what is the key to fancy ice? Purified water, a fun ice mold and time... that’s it. Purified water keeps the ice from becoming cloudy. I love, love, love these small ice balls. The nice thing is that they last longer that smaller ice and they look like bubbles. Aren’t they so much fun?s So you could be the fancy ice queen for parties this summer. Every party invite you get just say, “I’ll bring the fancy ice.” Yes it requires a little planning but once you own the molds (10 bucks) the cost is just the $1.25 per gallon of purified water... how fun is that? So let’s get down to making this cocktail. Fill glass halfway with fancy ice Add 2 ounces of limoncello Pour over a bit of Prosecco Finish off with club soda
 Garnish with a piece of fresh or dried lemon and a sprig of rosemary. Voila you have a beautiful summer spritz. If you want to reduce the ABV, skip the Prosecco and just add club soda. Enjoy, I know I will