Indiana’s hands-free driving law takes effect

Indiana’s hands-free driving law takes effect

INDIANAPOLIS (FOX19) - A new hands-free driving law in Indiana takes effect on Wednesday, July 1.

The law will make it illegal to drive while holding an electronic device, such as a cellphone or tablet unless calling 911 in an emergency.

According to the state’s website, phone calls can be made using Bluetooth, a headset, or other hands-free technology. You can also check maps if your phone is mounted. Drivers should use voice commands to answer or end calls.

The state says if you’re unable to make a hands-free call, you should pull off to a safe place.

“Arrive alive. It’s very simple. We know we want you to get to your child’s event, we want you to get to work, we want you to get home and shopping and do all those kinds of things safely. You are greatly increasing your risk, sometimes up to six times more likely to get into a crash when you are messing around with a cellphone,” Commissioner of Indiana Department of Transportation Joe McGuinness said.

If drivers are caught with their cellphone in hand, they could face a fine of up to $500.

Tickets issued won’t result in points toward a driver’s license suspension until July 2021.

State police say distracted driving was to blame in at least 860 injury crashes and 48 fatalities in Indiana last year.

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