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Consider This: All-Star Crime

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The 2015 All-Star Game is now less than a month away and the 10-year high in shootings in our city does not seem to be going anywhere.

The Cincinnati Police Department and city leadership are implementing a 90-day plan to reduce violence. But they can't do it alone.

Last week we talked about cleaning up our 'house' to get it ready for all the company that's coming. But, we also need to clean up our act. Yes, keeping our city safe is the job of law enforcement. But, the rest of us can't just sit on our hands. How can we expect them to fulfill that responsibility, if we treat the police as mistrusted adversaries until we actively need them? If residents refuse to cooperate, why are we surprised when crimes go unsolved?

Consider This: Taking pride in our city is about more than just cutting the grass or repainting the porch boxes. We need to make sure that people not only WANT to come to the festivities we're about to host, but that they also feel safe enough to hang out for the after-party.

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